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When I saw these two words, I was surprised. Because this is one of the ten famous swords in China, and it is said that it is very magical to have a relationship with Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty. It's strange that it should appear in the hands of a foreigner now. However, the white man did not give Da and Lin Yu a chance to react and directly swept the sword. The sword was huge and had a faint sword gas. It looked terrible. And his sweep was attacking Da on the surface. In fact, the target was two girls. It was very vicious. Seeing that he could not stop the sword, Weilida was so anxious that he shouted: "Get out of the way." Qi Yue and Yang Zhilin are also agile and hurriedly withdraw to the front of the car together. As soon as they dodged the weak sword gas, they got up fiercely and split on Lin Yunlong's jeep. "Hiss." A clear sound of breaking iron suddenly sounded. The jeep was almost cut in half. Seeing the power, the white man who used the sword was surprised and muttered, "This is really a treasure." "Of course it's a treasure and a national treasure of China. You must stay today." Without waiting for the white man to raise his hand to launch the next attack, Lin Yu, who had been waiting for this, immediately appeared like a ghost in front of the white man and immediately seized the control of Chixiao with the most common empty-handed white blade. Excalibur in the hand, Lin Yu's whole person's momentum suddenly became fierce. The chapter on having a bad headache is written in a daze. Chapter 126 lurking sneak attackers. The moment Chixiao got it, he seemed to have a chemical reaction with Lin Yu, which made his black hair stand up in an instant. This kind of picture is fleeting and few people can see it clearly, because the next moment the young man with the sword in his hand is like a ghost attacking quickly. Here comes a move of Dugu Nine Swords. With Chixiao's cooperation,car radiator cap, his move was several times more domineering than before, and he cut the white man who had just held the sword under the sword. Let everyone be dumbfounded. It is not common for a sword to bleed in all directions, and what he killed was a master of the transformation period. Everyone else was a little stunned, but Lin Yu did not hesitate at all and immediately changed his move to the other one. With the cooperation of the sword, the whole set of moves looked more gorgeous than Hideaki Tojo's. He killed an opponent with a flash of red light. The remaining two looked at the situation and were scared out of their wits and immediately turned around and ran away. At this time, Da was not willing to let them fly at one of them,deep draw stamping, otherwise the bloody dagger would easily kill one of them. As soon as Lin Yu whistled, Hai Dongqing, who was hovering in the sky, immediately swooped down like a sword to catch up with the man and carried him back directly. As soon as the man landed, Lin Yu quickly stepped forward and directly cut off his hamstring so as not to give him a chance to continue to escape. At this point, the whole battle was over, and it was so fast that many people didn't react. But some people can't help talking about it. "This is the report that the members of the Chinese special forces are really awesome." "It's amazing. This should be the hero. He's a hundred times better than some boxers." "Overbearing." Hearing these words, Qi Yue and Yang Zhilin were both proud, but as soon as they relaxed, they noticed a great sense of crisis. It turned out that there was a master secretly lurking behind them. At this time, he made a sneak attack. "Don't." It was too late when Lin Yu found out. A white girl's palm has been patted on the back of Qi Yue's heart. Seeing this picture, Lin Yu was completely crazy and rushed up to catch Qi Yue, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, who was slowly falling down, and waved his hand with a sword. But the white girl seemed to have been prepared for a successful blow and immediately escaped. The light of Lin Yu's sword didn't hit her at all. "I'll go after you and take care of Qi Yue." It was also a burst of anger that Da immediately chased him out. Lin Yu and Yang Zhilin squatted beside Qi Yue to help her check her injuries. A simple number Lin Yu suddenly a burst of heartache, Qi Yue's pulse is very weak, and if there is no obvious is a very serious injury. She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth, and Lin Yu comforted her softly: "I will save you if my daughter-in-law is all right." Then he called Chen Daolin and asked him to come quickly. "My husband and daughter-in-law are going to die." Qi Yue, who was frighteningly weak, had pale lips. No, no, no. "Lin Yu and Yang Zhilin comforted with one voice." Yang Zhilin, who seldom had emotional fluctuations, cried directly. Seeing Yang Zhilin like this, Qi Yue showed an obscure smile to comfort her: "Don't do this, even if I have something to do, you still have Lin Yu. You won't feel lonely." "Don't say silly words. Don't say good words. When Master Chen comes, he will be able to save you. Don't forget that he once lived the dead." Yang Zhilin sobbed and said. "But I'm afraid I can't wait for him to come. My heart hurts like it's broken. It's really uncomfortable." Qi Yue coughed and vomited blood. The girl looked very discomfited, and Lin Yu was heartbroken to the extreme and immediately took out the silver needle in her bosom and sealed several of her big holes, hoping to have a little effect. Although Lin Yu, who learned some acupuncture skills from Chen Daolin, could not perform the second trick of rejuvenation, he had basically mastered other things. Needling is still useful. As soon as his needle came out, Qi Yue's whole person was obviously more energetic and had a little strength to speak. At the moment, the three men ignored all the onlookers and immersed themselves in their own atmosphere. "In fact, I knew you liked each other for a long time, but I didn't say it." After a moment of silence, Qi Yue suddenly said. When Yang Zhilin heard this, she cried even more and kept saying sorry. Qi Yue comforted him by saying, "I'm sorry if I blame you, the three of us are not together today." Hearing this, Lin Yu also felt a little distressed and said, "Does it hurt?" "It doesn't hurt. It really doesn't hurt." Qi Yue gave a wry smile. Her smile still looked very pure, but her face was completely white, proving that the pain was very severe. "I'm tired of you. I shouldn't have brought you here this time." Lin Yu's eyes overflowed with tears. The reason why he kept talking to Qi Yue was that he didn't want the other party to stop, because in this case, once he fainted, it was very dangerous and there was the possibility that he would never wake up. Hearing this, Qi Yue stroked Lin Yu's cheek with a cold hand and said, "I don't blame you because I'm not obedient. I deserve it. But I still want to hear you sing the song just now. It should be very nice to sing a cappella." "All right, I'll sing." Yang Zhilin,socket screw plug, who kept weeping, cried and said softly: "Bai Suzhen Cave at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain has been cultivating this body for thousands of years.." Diligent and painstaking practice, reborn and become an adult. 。 autoparts-dx.com

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